The Audible app is a great way to read audiobooks on your iPhone.

You can use it to read on the go, but if you’re not used to using an iPad, you might find it difficult to get through a book on your phone.

That’s because the app only has a single audio track.

When you listen to a book, the app starts playback in the audio track, and you can choose to continue reading the audiobook.

But the audio tracks can only be used once.

That means if you have a Kindle Fire, you can’t listen to the same audiobook over and over again, even if you had previously purchased the audioboom.

If you want to use Audible for reading on the Go, there’s a workaround.

In this article, we’ll show you how to create an audio book that uses the entire audio track of a book you’ve purchased on Amazon, then turn it into an audiobook on your iOS device.


Open Audible’s Preferences page.

On the left side of the Preferences page, tap “Add Audio.”

On the right side, tap the “Audiobook” section.

Then, scroll down to the “Books” and “Music” sections.

In the “Music: Select Audio” drop-down, tap all the way to the bottom and tap “Select Audio.”

Choose the appropriate track in the list.

(If you can, check your volume settings in Audible and turn it up or down a little bit.)

When you’re done, tap OK to save the settings.


Open the Audible App on your iPad or iPhone.

In Audible, go to the app’s settings menu.

In Options, tap General.

On this page, select “Choose the Audio Track.”

(If your book has multiple audio tracks, choose the track you want in the drop-downs at the bottom of this page.)

You can now create an audiobook.

You should choose the Audibly-approved track in this list if it has a track number in the format of “AAB” (audio/book).

Note: You can also choose the Audio Tracks option if you’ve already purchased an audioboook.

If Audible doesn’t recognize the audio book you want, you’ll need to select “No Audio.”

In the drop down list, tap each audio track you’ve created.

If the track number matches the one in the “Audio Tracks” drop down, the audio file is complete.


Now, in Audibly, you will see an audio file in the library.

Tap the audio icon to open the audio stream and navigate to the track.

If your audio track is “AA” (AA means “audio/obook”), you’ll see the audio in the track bar.

If not, you may need to right-click on the track and select “Open in New Tab.”


Next, navigate to where you saved your audio files and double-click the file you just created.

You’ll see an alert that indicates that Audible has recognized the file.

Tap Done to save.

If there’s an error when opening the file, you probably didn’t put the track numbers correctly.

On your iOS devices, the track audio is always played in the background, even when the app is open.

So, the last thing you want is for the app to play your audio at a low volume.

When the Audibles audio file has finished playing, you should be able to open it and listen to it.

You may have to repeat the process for each audio file you’ve added to the library, but you can always double-check the track volume and then click “Save” to delete it. 5.

Open an audio recording from a new book on Audible.

You don’t have to buy an audiocassette to use this method, either.

You just need to download the file from the Audibility app’s library.

Open a new audio file on Audibles new page.

The Audibles file will be labeled with a “Book” and a “Title.”

In your audio file, drag and drop the file onto the page.

This is where the magic happens.

The file will automatically start playing and you’ll be able tap the volume icon to play it.

After the file has started playing, tap Done to close the audio recording.

You’ve now got a book that will work with your Audible library on your iDevice.

How to Make a New Audio Book on Audios New page When you first download a new audiobook to Audible from the app, you’re asked if you want it to be available to listen to offline.

The default option is yes.

This means that the audio will be available offline when you need it most.

But if you tap the option, it will say, “This audiobook will not be available for offline listening.”

To make a new file available offline, you just have to drag and paste the file into the library and the