Nancy’s father, John, had been ill and was in hospital for several months.

She said she was working to bring some books from her father’s library to the hospital for him to read.

John’s daughter, Nancy, who is five, said she would be very happy to help out by drawing books for children who are sick.

“He was just really worried about the children,” she said.

“I want to draw for them and give them something positive.” 

She said she has never drawn before and is very excited.

“I’m so excited.

I am very, very excited,” she added.”

To have the chance to draw books for people is so special.”

She said drawing was her first experience with drawing a book.

“When I was a child, I would always draw.

I think I would draw for books for my mother, but it was never with a book, I always had to draw with a pencil,” she explained. 

Nancy said she did not feel like a child again after her father was admitted to hospital, but now she feels like a new person.

“It was like my dad was gone, it was just me, my mother and my sister.

I had to learn to draw, but I have a lot of respect for drawing and I do it for myself,” she told the RTE Breakfast.”

Now I feel like I’m a whole person again.”