The ground-up book seller is no longer a viable business model for some authors.

The ground was broken at the end of 2016, when Amazon bought the entire book industry for $1.85bn (£1.1bn).

But with the new business model, books are sold through websites, physical books and the Kindle.

The New York Times has now compiled a guide to buying new books using the ground-Up model, which lets authors sell the books online through Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and others.

The guide covers everything from finding the right book on Amazon to how to get started with Amazon Prime, the company’s new subscription service.

Here’s how to do it. 1.

Go to

You’ll need an Amazon account to buy a book, which is a digital copy of the book.

Once you’re signed in, click “Buy” and select the option “Buy from Amazon”.

The next screen is where you can enter a book’s ISBN and the book’s publisher.

These will be listed on the left hand side of the screen, with the ISBN number at the top.

The book’s cover photo and title are also listed.

Amazon will ask you to add a photo of the product in the form of a gallery.

Amazon says it has over 2.2m books in its catalogue, but it doesn’t say how many are available on Amazon Prime.


Check the publisher.

You can get an ISBN number from Amazon.

The publisher’s name and address are listed on Amazon.

You also need to give Amazon the title and ISBN of the new book.


Select a publisher.

Here you can choose from Amazon’s main publishing houses, including Random House, HarperCollins, Penguin Random House and HarperCollins Children’s, and from the independent publishers listed on their websites.

Amazon also lists independent publishers from publishers such as William Morrow and Random House.

Amazon gives you a list of book titles from its publishing houses.

Amazon has also released its own list of indie publishers.


Enter the ISBN.

You will need to enter an ISBN for each book you want to buy.

Here are some examples of ISBNs: ISBN 1: 901106730-0: A2E3 (US) ISBN 2: 978-0-9-972586-6: A5 (UK) ISBN 3: 9781755608521-4: E (Germany) ISBN 4: 9781801268618-3: F (Switzerland) ISBN 5: 9781787585691-6 (Russia) ISBN 6: 9781-5989-18963-0 (Russia, Belarus) ISBN 7: 9781457863536-7: G (Austria) ISBN 8: 978248800894-2: A (Germany, Poland) ISBN 9: 9782055773873-5: B (Belgium) ISBN 10: 9782850609035-5 (Japan) ISBN 11: 9782002709085-6, and ISBN 12: 9781955756570-3.



Click “Buy”.

You will then see a list that shows what’s in stock for the current day.

This list is shown in the upper left of the page.

Click the book you are interested in, then select “Buy now”.


Choose the date.

You need to choose the time that you want your book to be delivered to.

This is shown by a bar at the bottom of the “Buy Now” page.

Amazon tells you when the book is due to arrive, so you can see how much time has passed.

Click it to see when it arrives.


Click on “Place”.

You’ll then see this box: “Your book has been delivered”.

This is a bar that shows you when your book is available to buy, and how much money you have to spend.


You should now be ready to buy your book.

But first, you will need a bookseller’s licence.

Read our guide to the UK bookselling rules to get an idea of what this entails.


Click through to the “Order” page, which allows you to select an ISBN.

Amazon doesn’t give you a copy of your licence.

You must fill in the details in the “Licence” box and the “Book Information” box.


Enter your ISBN number, and click “Pay”.

Amazon gives its bookseller licence, which can be used to track how much you have spent on your book and when you can expect to receive it.

This can be done from the “My Books” screen, which opens up a window where you select a price and click the “Update” button.

This gives you the chance to pay for your book in cash.


Click and wait a few seconds.

You now have your book shipped.

Amazon can send your