How to Be a Book Lover in 2017

I’m a book lover.But if I were to say I’ve read every single book I’ve ever bought in my life, the question would still be, “What else have I read?”And I’d be lying.That’s because it’s not only the books I’ve purchased that have influenced my writing, but they’ve also influenced my life.If I didn’t have […]

How to Read Jack Reacher books on your Kindle or iPad? – Wired

The books on Jack Reachers Kindle, the popular book publisher that launched in the 1990s, are a classic in the genre.Here are the best of the best.1.The Day of the Jack Reaches: A Tale of Two Worlds By Jeff VanderMeer, Puffin Books publisher, 2011 2.The Devil’s Eye View: A True Story By David Mack, Simon […]

How to get the best books for free online: How to take your nonfiction book shopping to the next level

Read moreA survey of more than 10,000 people in the US found that readers of nonfiction books were the most likely to take out a subscription online. A majority of the respondents said they had read at least one nonfiction title online, while 43 per cent said they did so monthly, and 11 per cent were […]

What are some of the best manga bookstores around?

A lot of manga fans have been looking for the next big thing, so they’ll be happy to hear that there are plenty of great manga book stores around the world.But what are they like?Here’s a look at some of them…Read more >