When Did You Ever Feel Like Being A Great Reader?

By now, it’s no secret that book lovers have come a long way in recent years, and while that progress has been slow, there is one thing we still struggle with when it comes to getting into a book: getting into the right place at the right time.In the case of books, this can be […]

Which Amazon Prime Books Should You Buy Now?

It’s the question that’s been on Hacker News ever since the first edition of this book was released, in early December of 2017.Amazon has been trying to do something that it’s been trying for years, which is to help publishers and authors get books to consumers, which means getting their books to Amazon.In fact, this […]

Big Book: What You Should Know About the NFL, from the Cover to the Playoffs

With the NFL season officially underway, the league is now offering up its Big Book.This is what you need to know about the NFL to understand the league and its future.Here are the five biggest stories of the 2017 season.

How to buy crypto coins from the internet and back again

3,303 viewsBook cover.John Bolton is the author of the bestselling novel, The Drowned God.He also co-wrote the movie The Book of Life, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, and the critically acclaimed series The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.The Dive is available for purchase in paperback and eBook.In 2013, Bolton was the recipient of the 2013 American Film […]

How to read the books of Agatha Christie

Bookseller Agatha Christie has published an influential new book, How to Read the Books of Agathia Christie, about the author’s career.Christie, who died in 2006, is remembered for her prolific output, which included a collection of her children’s books and the books she created with her husband, novelist J G Ballard.The books are available for […]

Ravens beat Steelers to win AFC North title

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco threw for a franchise-record 337 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions in the 41-27 victory over Pittsburgh on Sunday, completing his fourth straight game with at least 300 yards passing and no picks.Flacco also rushed for 106 yards and three touchdowns.He also caught two touchdown passes.Quarterback Joe Flacie threw for 335 […]

Epic Books announces ‘Unleashed’ season of bookings

Epic Books has announced a new season of its bookings website, offering bookings from May 5-18.The bookings are available in Hebrew, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian.The first bookings were launched on Thursday and are still open.Epic will not open its website to the public, and Epic will only release the first book for […]

Which books are good for green reading?

There are several books you should read before you embark on a green book project, and these range from classic classics to modern favourites. This guide aims to answer the questions “what books should I read before a green project?” and “what’s the best green book to start reading now?”Green books are usually written in a […]

‘The Alchemist’: Bob Books and The Alchemist: Book One of the Trilogy on Bob’s Alchemy series

The Alchemist Book 1, the first volume of Bob’s Alchemist series, is out this week.Here’s what we know about the series so far.1.It’s about a magician and a magician’s son.It starts with Bob having to teach his son about magic, and ends with Bob telling the son that magic is real.2.Bob tells a story about […]

How to Book your First Online Bookshop

Online book shops can be a daunting proposition for anyone with an iPhone or iPad, but a bookshop that only sells books on your own terms is the way to go if you’re looking to sell your books to the masses.The idea behind bookshopify is to create an online bookstore that allows you to quickly […]