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“Book case” in New York, NY, where a Jewish family was attacked by an anti-Semitic mob

On Wednesday, March 1, 2017, at about 10 a.m., a mob attacked the family of an Arab American couple in the Manhattan borough of New York City.A small group of anti-Israel activists, including some who had been present at the incident, attacked the Arab family and two Jewish friends, and then left, yelling anti-Jewish epithets […]

How to spot the witchers book, MLA book series: The witcher series: Outlander book collection

One of the most widely loved authors of fantasy is no longer with us.In his final book, The Witchers, author George R. R. Martin has left us with some of his most beloved characters, including a witcher, a warrior, a queen and a sorcerer.So how do you spot them?Here are some of our tips to […]

How ‘Bike Blue Book’ Characters Became the Faces of Marvel Comics’ Villains

A Bicycling Blue Book series has become the face of Marvel comics’ villains, and now we know who they’re based on.The first of the book’s characters, Blue Book, has become a staple in the Marvel universe.She has been a prominent member of the Avengers since the mid-90s, and a member of Earth-2.She was seen in […]

Michelle Obama’s book about ‘I’m So Sick of It’ is a ‘great book’ for Obama to read

Hillary Clinton is set to launch her memoir, I’m So Sick of It, in the coming days.The book will be the first of many by the former first lady as she looks to reclaim her legacy from President Donald Trump.A recent interview with The Associated Press revealed that the first lady’s book, which chronicles her […]

How to watch the 2017 Thanksgiving Day holiday with your kids

NEW YORK (AP) You’ll have your own personalized Thanksgiving Day celebration in 2019, thanks to the work of a new book that has 365 days of its own.In “The 365 Days of Thanksgiving,” author Andrew G. Zaleski describes the unique traditions of his native New England and the American traditions that surround it.He writes about […]

When you’re not reading, what are you doing?

The term “coffee tables” came into the popular lexicon in 2014, as a term for books on which a coffee table is often placed.Now, a new study suggests that this term could be a new one.Researchers from the University of Sussex used data from the World Health Organization to examine the health and well-being of […]

A new way to make books: printing books at home

A new book printing method, using inkjet printing and a printer that produces books using the same materials as books, has been approved for use in classrooms, universities and community centers, a panel at the International Printing and Materials Association meeting said on Monday.The panel, which also includes scientists, engineers and academics, approved the paperjet-based […]

What you need to know about the new Star Wars books from author Peter David

We don’t know much about what we’re reading in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie yet, but we do know one thing: The book has landed in theaters.It’s called The Last Jedi, and it’s out now, and we’ve got our first look at what we can expect from this upcoming Star War novel.We […]

Romance books, book of shadows

Romance books are an interesting genre.The term ‘romance’ is often used to describe a romance story, but the genres themselves often go far beyond that.What I’m going to be discussing today is romance novels, and their popularity has been steadily increasing over the last few years.Romance books have been a major force in the publishing […]