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SWEET LIAR, the first book in the Dirty Sweet Duet by Laurelin Paige is LIVE!!

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„A million people in the city, and you and I met.

That’s kismet.”



Laurelin Paige kompletnie mnie oczarowała tą historią! Sweet Liar to wybornie kusząca pozycja. Cholernie seksowny, dojrzały Brytyjczyk i młoda, ale zadziorna kobieta, która nie boi się sięgnąć po to, czego pragnie. Przyznajcie, samo to brzmi niebywale interesująco!


Dylan Locke to 42 letni biznesmen, który na pewno nie szuka związku, ani miłości. Przestał w nią wierzyć, gdy jego małżeństwo szlag trafił. Ale to wcale nie znaczy, że żyje jak mnich. Jednakże, gdy tylko jego oczy spoczęły na Audrey Lind, młodszej siostrze jego pracownicy, od razu między nimi zaiskrzyło. I mimo, że dziewczyna nieustannie głosi o przeznaczeniu i jest 100% romantyczką to Dylan nie jest w stanie trzymać się z daleka. Audrey natomiast miała w życiu romantyzmu na pęczki, jednak brakuje jej niepohamowanej żądzy. Dojrzały Dylan jest idealnym kandydatem, by nauczyć ją pościelowych tajników, które urozmaicą jej życie seksualne. Układ ma być prosty- fizyczność i nic poza tym. I tak niedługo ich drogi się rozejdą. Ale serce często nam udowadnia, że okłamujemy samych siebie, prawda?


Uwielbiam wątek ze starszym mężczyzną. Jest coś niebywale ekscytującego w różnicy wieku, która sprawia, że związek między dwójką bohaterów staje się w pewien sposób zakazany. Ale drogi Panie… Żadna kobieta nie byłaby w stanie się oprzeć Dylanowi. Mężczyzna jest chodzącym seksapilem i mimo, że przestał wierzyć w uczucia to sprawia, że masz ochotę za wszelką cenę mu udowodnić, że się myli. Audrey z kolei mimo swojego młodego wieku nie jest naiwna. Jest uparta i jak obierze sobie cel to do niego dąży, ale nie jest przy tym agresywna. Ta książka była po brzegi wypełniona napięciem seksualnym i jakie było moje zdziwienie, gdy dotarłam do końca tej historii!

*kiwa palcem w kierunku autorki* Droga Laurelin Paige, czuję się jakbyś zabrała mi słoik z ciasteczkami! Potrzebuję kolejnej części jak najszybciej!


Sweet Liar to krótka historia, ale tak gorąca, że czytnik może się rozpuścić. MUST READ!






„A million people in the city, and you and I met.

That’s kismet.”



Laurelin Paige completely charmed me with this story! Sweet Liar is a very seductive read. Sexy as hell mature British man and young but feisty woman who’s not afraid to reach for what she wants. Admit it, it sounds very interesting!


Dylan Locke is a 42-year-old businessman who’s definitely not looking for a relationship or love. He stopped believing in it when his marriage crashed. But that doesn’t mean that he lives like a monk. However, as soon as he laid his eyes on Audrey Lind, his employee’s younger sister, immediately there was a spark between them. And although the girl is constantly preaching about kismet and she’s 100% romantic, Dylan is unable to stay away. On the other hand, Audrey had a bunch of romance in her life but she lacks unrestrained lust in it. Mature Dylan is the perfect candidate to teach her sheets mysteries that will spice up her sex life. The deal is to be simple – strictly physical and nothing more. Soon their paths will part anyway. But the heart often proves to us that we’re lying to ourselves, isn’t it?


I love the older man trope. There’s something incredibly exciting in the age gap, which makes the relationship between the two characters in some way forbidden. But dear Lord … no woman would be able to resist Dylan. This man is a walking sexappeal and even though he has stopped believing in feelings, he makes you want to prove to him at all costs that he’s wrong. Audrey in turn is not naïve despite her young age. She’s stubborn and when she set her mind about something she goes for it but she’s not aggressive about it. This book was filled to the brim with sexual tension and what was my surprise when I reached the end of the story!

*wagging finger towards the author* Dear Laurelin Paige, I feel like you just took away the cookie jar from me! I need the next part as soon as possible!


Sweet Liar is a short story, but so steamy that your Kindle can melt. MUST READ!



*ARC received for an honest review.

Thank you so much Laurelin Paige and Candi Kane PR!





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British ad exec Dylan Locke isn’t looking for love. He isn’t looking for fate. He’s definitely not looking for Audrey Lind. She’s pretty, far too young, and overly romantic–in short, exhausting.

But when the girl, young enough to be his daughter, literally lands in his lap and asks for his expertise, he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t interested. In her body, in her innocence, in her philosophy.

In the kind of kismet that starts with kisses.

But Audrey isn’t looking for love either–she’s looking for lessons, and she’s certain Dylan knows everything she needs to learn.

If he agrees to play the teacher can he keep his heart?

Of course he can.

Then again, he might be lying.








Too bad she was that kind of girl. The kind of girl who wanted a man to love her before she lifted her skirt.

God, she was young. Younger than whatever ridiculous young age she actually was.

I’d sworn off love years ago, but not sex. Never sex. And Audrey Lind was all sorts of temptation, the kind I knew better to stay away from. She was too romantic. She was too American. She was too young. Much too young. I was definitely old enough to be her father. Probably.


I didn’t want to think about that.

“I’m pretty sure I can convince you kismet exists too, if you’ll just do one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“Kiss me.”

I was alone. I would always be alone.

I was a girl who felt things.

Dylan was polite, but he wasn’t nice.

I thought she’d be less dangerous in the sunlight.

I was wrong.

She was sex on heels, and I was a goner.

Audrey Lind: Part wildling, part devil, part innocent, all contradiction.

I wanted to kiss her again. Because she had perfect plump lips. Because she tasted like honey. Because she was warm and the night was cold, and I’d been in the dark for so long.

Colliding into her had been like crashing into sunshine. She made me feel warm in places that had been cold for oh, so long.

“I can’t decide if I need to shelter you, or if I should show you off.”

I stretched her and filled her and punished her pussy for being so perfect, so tight, so inexperienced

I fucked her like I’d paid for the hour.

“I’ve never watched anyone watch me like you’re watching me now.”








About the Author:

With over 2.4 million books sold worldwide, Laurelin Paige is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author. Her international success started with her very first series, the Fixed Trilogy, which, alone, has sold over 1 million copies, and earned her the coveted #1 spot on Amazon’s bestseller list in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia, simultaneously. This title also was named in People magazine as one of the top 10 most downloaded books of 2014. She’s also been #1 overall books at the Apple Book Store with more than one title in more than one country. She’s published both independently and with MacMillan’s St. Martin’s Press and Griffin imprints as well as many other publishers around the world including Harper Collins in Germany and Hachette/Little Brown in the U.K. With her edgy, trope-flipped stories of smart women and strong men, she’s managed to secure herself among today’s romance royalty.

Paige has a Bachelor’s degree in Musical Theater and a Masters of Business Administration with a Marketing emphasis, and she credits her writing success to what she learned from both programs, though she’s also an avid learner, constantly trying to challenge her mind with new and exciting ideas and concepts. While she loves psychological thrillers and witty philosophical books and entertainment, she is a sucker for a good romance and gets giddy anytime there’s kissing, much to the embarrassment of her three daughters. Her husband doesn’t seem to complain, however. When she isn’t reading or writing sexy stories, she’s probably singing, watching Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead, or dreaming of Michael Fassbender. She’s also a proud member of Mensa International though she doesn’t do anything with the organization except use it as material for her bio. She is represented by Rebecca Friedman.







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