Conceited – T.L. Smith – Release Blitz

Title: Conceited
Series: Crimson Elite Book 3
Author: T.L. Smith
Genre: Romance (standalone)

Release Date: April 16, 2019


I would like to say we were old lovers. That once upon a time he was my everything, and I was his, but that would be a lie. He may have been mine, but I wasn’t his. I was his sister’s annoying little friend who he didn’t even know was in love with him.
Years later, after seeing him again for the first time, nothing has changed. Except now he notices me, and I will do everything in my power to avoid him. Because Falcon is the most conceited man on this planet, and because when he looks at me with steel eyes, my heart still misses a beat.
I get what I want, and I’m never denied anything either. It’s my charm. It’s hard to say no to something you never knew you desired until I’m standing in front of you. That’s not just who I am, it’s what I do. I help men achieve everything they have ever wanted.
Most people would go to great lengths to be near me. Yet, my sweet Ariel, I can’t even get her to stay in the same room as me. Maybe it’s because I told her I would be the best lay of her life—that has to be it—and once I’m finished with her, she’s avoiding being disappointed by every other man for the rest of her life.

It couldn’t possibly be anything else, because let’s face it, I’m perfect.


Conceited – one word that’s enough to describe the main character. I’m in a wrestling match with myself when it comes to the rating of this book, because I liked the plot very much but the behavior of the mentioned hero not so much. At least for ¾ of the book I wanted to jump inside and slap him in the face. Fortunately, he rehabilitated himself at the end and showed his other side, which completely melted my heart.

Eternal bachelor and the biggest manwhore you’ve ever met – it’s all Falcon. Women throw themselves at his feet, but he never repeats his conquests. At least until he meets the ghost from the past – his sister’s best friend, whose advances he once rejected. Now Falcon decides to take advantage of the chance that fate has given him. But there’s a small problem – Ariel hates Falcon after the way he humiliated her. However, this man will not rest until Ariel ends up under him.

Where I really enjoyed the banter between the main characters, some actions performed by Falcon left a distaste. I totally understand the idea of lack of commitment, etc., but there are limits when it comes to honesty towards the woman you are hitting on. Somehow I can’t stomach it … I’m glad that Ariel made Falcon work for anything. And at the moment when the guy finally realized his feelings towards his sister’s friend- be still my heart! Only then I swooned over his character and I could fully empathize with described story. And this second-chance romance is really a great story if you turn a blind eye to some of the cocky hero’s behaviors 😉

*ARC received for an honest review.



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