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Today we are celebrating the release of ACHE by S.M. Soto. It is a standalone, second chance romance novel. It is available to purchase now for only $2.99!






Ache is the most emotional book I have ever read. I’m still shaking internally from the excess of emotions that accompanied me while reading this story. I cried a sea of tears but every single drop that left my eye was worth the experience. I survived the complete catharsis and it opened my eyes. Because apart from the fact that Ache is really amazing and outstanding read it also brings a very important message – stop for a second and look around. Someone may need you right now. A person close to you can now internally scream for help and you’re too busy with your life to see it.

Bea Norwood was a completely normal teenager with a loving mother and the best friend who was also her neighbor. But she had many changes waiting for her. First of all, her mother got married and Bea got a stepbrother as part of a package. Secondly, her friend’s cousin Liam Falcon came to the neighborhood, who under the supervision of his aunt was supposed to clean up his act. Due to changes at home and constant distress related to the strange behavior of her stepbrother, Bea found her haven in Liam’s presence. Their relationship developed day by day and eventually turned into the most beautiful kind of love that can connect two young people. However, the day came when Liam had to leave Bea. Hearts were broken and nothing was as it once was… After long six years Liam returned to Lakeport – the place where he left his heart. But he never expected Bea to be just the shell of a girl he loved with all his strenght. Her current state breaks Liam’s heart once again and he’s determined to find his beloved girlfriend in Bea. But nothing can prepare him for the truth about what happened during his absence.

I can’t count how many times I started to sob during this read. My heart broke into a million pieces and my chest ached from too many emotions. I suffered with Bea and I still can’t understand how it was possible that no one saw what was really going on. It was like a kick in the stomach- awareness that such situations are not fiction. Even though Bea survived the hell, I admire her for her strength. She bravely endured the constant torment to protect her loved ones. I also admire her determination to start living normally again. And Liam … sweet, wonderful Liam. I’m completely in love with him. As a young man he was the best boyfriend a girl could ever dream of. Devoted, faithful and extremely affectionate. As a mature guy he was very caring and patient. Although he had moments when he made mistakes, he quickly tried to redeem himself and did everything in his power to fix them. His love for Bea is unconditional, strong and eternal. That kind of man is the best that can happen to woman.

S.M. Soto is my hero. She created a masterpiece that took first place on my list of emotional reads and I will never forget about this story. Although raised topic may be somewhat disturbing I think that everyone should read Ache. The message it carries is very important. Don’t be afraid to reach for help when you need it. And also pay attention to your surroundings- at this very moment someone may need you. This book will always remain in my heart.

Thank you S.M. Soto for the beauty of your words. I’m honored that I could take part in Bea and Liam’s journey.

*ARC received in exchange for an honest review.




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ACHE by S.M. Soto


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Book Blurb:


A second chance romance.


What happens when you fall for the boy next door?

Bea Norwood had the market on normal.

Drama free life? Check.

A single-mother who doubled as her confidant and partner in crime? Check.

A neighbor and best friend she trusted more than anyone? Check.

But that was until the day her mother remarried. The day that changed everything.

When her best friend’s cousin, Liam Falcon, is sent to live with his aunt and uncle to clean up his act, Bea finds herself falling for the boy next door. With their hearts so infinitely entwined, Bea turns to Liam as her only escape from her new step-brother’s daily torment at home. Bea thought their love could conquer anything. But she was wrong. Love was for fools, and she was the biggest fool of them all. When Liam left Lakeport, he took her heart with him, shattering the organ to pieces.

Six years later, Liam takes a trip back to Lakeport to visit his family, and to see HER.

His first love.

The girl who holds his heart.

The same girl who shattered it six years ago without looking back.

Liam is hell-bent on seeing Bea again after six years, but what he finds tears his heart in half. Bea Norwood is a shell of the girl he fell in love with. Underneath the baggy clothes, and pale skin, he knows she’s still in there somewhere, he just needs to find her.

Liam will stop at nothing to win his girl back, but sometimes, ignorance is bliss, and Liam isn’t prepared for Bea’s truth.




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S.M. Soto was born and raised in Northern California where she currently resides with her son. Her love for reading began when she was a young girl, and has only continued to grow into adulthood. S.M. lives for reading books in the romance genre and writing novels with relatable characters. She refers to herself as a bit of a romance junkie. S.M. loves to connect with readers and eat copious of donuts that will surely lead to her demise (carbs are life).





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